WET & DRY PAPER (1000 grain)





Wet and dry sandpaper, sometimes called wet or dry. Dark grey or black in colour, the grain is Silicon Carbide – very sharp and so the best abrasive for very hard finishes such as spray paint finishes and lacquers. It is made of a waterproof paper so is flexible and folds without cracking, but is suitable only for hand and light machine use as it will tend to tear. This is the sandpaper that is used in the automotive refinishing trade, as it sands very quickly and efficiently. When working through the grit range, a super smooth finish ready for repainting is achieved really quickly.For best results use it wet, it cuts quicker and lasts longer, the slurry residue just needs washing or wiping away periodically.Compared to other manufacturers’ finishing paper it is of extremely high quality and highly regarded by professional polishers and finishers.