WET AND DRY ABRASIVE SANDING PAPER 40-7000 GRIT Sandpaper Sheets – Free Sample




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  • Premium abrasive silicon carbide grain
  • Advanced, A-weight paper backing
  • Waterproof latex flexible paper
  • Advanced resin bond system
  • Best finish on wet clear-out
  • Fast initial cut & long life
  • Consistent finish
  • Prevents curling
  • Very flexible, without cracking or wrinkles
waterproof sandpaper uses the highest technology abrasive manufacturing. Can be used with sanding block or by hand with water.
Common applications are Plastics, Lacquers, Glass, Metals and Paint finishing.
Ideal for a range of market sectors from Hobby and Automotive, right through to Jewellery, Electronics and Optical manufacturing and finishing.