Scotchbrite / Webrax / Scouring Fibral Hand Pads all grits – Fine Red Abrasive Pads – 152mm x 229mm 320Grit – 10 Pack


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Hand Pads: Pack of 10
152mm x 229mm
Nonwoven products are manufactured in a continuous treatment process in which the basic fibres are carded, coated and needled to form the base material. In stage two of the process, a mixture of binder and abrasive grains is sprayed into this three-dimensional backing, so that it penetrates the non- woven base material. The grain inlays are distributed throughout the entire material thickness, so that more grains are exposed during its use. This results in constant performance throughout the entire lifetime of the product. The open structure of this abrasive minimises the tendency to clog, and it can be used dry, or wet with water or oils etc. Frequently known as Scotchbrite, Webrax, or Fibral.

Strictly speaking, these pads are graded by the description of the type of finish they leave on the type of material you are sanding, but to give you an idea for comparison purposes only, we have included an approximate grain number.

The advantages of using this product are that it is very flexible, allowing you to get into hard to reach areas. This means that you can clean / denib / polish / sand items that have complicated or delicate edges. For instance if you need to denib a dado rail between coats of paint or varnish, just fold a pad up in your hand, and quickly rub it over the profile. For cleaning copper pipes before solder jointing, again fold the pad up and twist the pipe end into the pad a few times. The pipe is then ready for the jointing process. For restoring a marked stainless steel sink, rub the pad along the original grain to see it come back to life.

If you are unsure of the grade you need, try our trial pack of varying grits, this product is useful for so many things and includes a white web sheet, useful for every cleaning and polishing process. All of the pads are very long lasting, and can even be washed under a tap to clean them out.